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The initial consultation is a time to get to know each other and discuss your upcoming project.  If land is already purchased by this time, a site inspection will be registered prior to the consultation.  If you already have plans drawn up, we can discuss the overall look and feel of the exterior and interior and review major systems (heating, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, etc.)


After our initial meeting we will have enough information to start putting together a preliminary price.  Once our prelim price is completed, we'll meet with you again and share the result.  At this time we will get into greater detail with material choices and finishing, upgrading or cutting costs, as well as any problem areas.  After this meeting you may wish to take some time to reflect.  We will then issue a complete price and specification list



Once both sides are satisfied with the specification and price we will present a contractual agreement to build.  This contract will include all the specifications of the proposed product, along with the price.  We will list both parties obligations and responsibilities.  Once all documents have been signed and agreed upon, we will move to permits and approval.  We will apply for all the required municipal, warranty and home owners protection office permits.


Here’s where it gets going!  Once construction begins we will meet as necessary to discuss progress.  We will also inform you as to what to expect in the coming weeks and how the overall time line is looking.


Some key benchmarks are:
•  Ground breaking
•  Pour concrete footings & foundations
•  Start framing
•  Roof
•  Windows and Exterior doors
•  Systems install: plumbing, heating, electrical, etc.
•  Insulation & Drywall
•  Interior trims and paint
•  Cabinets and Flooring
•  Exterior, hard surfaces and landscaping
•  Move in!


One year after completion we will return to check on your home and deal with any issues.  With the 
2-5-10 year warranty you can enjoy your new home for years to come!

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